Visualize spaces in 3D from just a floor plan image

Built for you, enhanced for Professionals.

AI assisted

Image recognition AI gives you instant access to your floor plans, spaces and scenes in a 3D real-time editor! 

Pinpoint accuracy

Our smart-icons or “digital sticky-notes” give you complete 360 freedom enabling you to get specific with decisions, descriptions, budgets and communications!

Connect in 3D

The first communication platform in 3D!
Invite others to projects, chat and cooperate together in the same scene at the same time. 

Platform focused

Go where the people are.

Connect between multiple device types: iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

How does the Bubbles™ platform fit into my world?

Commercial Real Estate

  • Close deals faster
  • Create multiple layouts for clients
  • Gain insights on stronger leads

New Home Construction

  • Plan, organize and budget selections
  • Connected builders, subs, designers
  • Invite or provide project to home owner 


  • Instant and spatial visuals
  • Quicker & remote bidding
  • DIY project management!

Designers & Architects

  • Land more work & speed up discovery
  • Generate presentation materials
  • Cooperate design with teams, vendors and clients