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Creating your first project

If you haven’t downloaded Bubbles™ on your device yet, click here to go to the downloads page. Once it’s on your device and you’ve signed up for an account, follow these steps to make your first project.

1. On your workspace dashboard, tap the “+” button on the bottom right of the screen.

2. Tap “New project”

3. This is the project creation window. Type your project name (ex: “Home remodel”), choose the building type(Residential or Commercial), upload a project photo, and choose the project type.

4. Once your project information is filled out, tap the “Create project” button

5. You’ll see your new project card on the dashboard. Tap it to continue.

6. Once inside the project, it’s time to create your first floor. Click the “+” button, and tap “New floor”.

7. This is the floor creation window. Type your floor name (ex: “Main floor”), and you get a few options for mapping out your new floor.

8. If you’re on a mobile device, you can tap the “AR” button and use your camera to map your space. 
If you’re on a supported Apple device, you can tap “Room Scan” to use LiDAR scanning for mapping your space.
In this tutorial, we’re going to use a floor plan image to extrude our space. Tap “Upload floor plan image”.

9. Tap the image area to upload a floor plan image.

10. Choose your method for uploading an image by tapping the corresponding button.

11. Once your image is uploaded and cropped, tap “Create floor” and Bubbles will automatically scan your floor plan and create walls, windows, and doors.

12. That’s it! Your scene was built using your floor plan image, and it’s ready to be cleaned-up and edited. 

Questions? Need help?

Read through our FAQs, or contact support if you need help with anything inside Bubbles™.

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