New Home Project Management

Explore, plan, organize and design before you build.

3D Project Management

Not just rapid 3D…manage your new home project like never before.
Perfect for home builders and designers to organize and budget decisions while including your client. 

  1. Take an image of your new home floor plan and watch the magic.
  2. Clean your floor up. Fix walls, windows and doors
  3. Place lowers, uppers, furniture and moveable design bubbles
  4. Make your selections, share your Design Board 

No more digging through emails to find decisions – go from start to finish in Bubbles™.

2D is effective, 3D is life-changing

You can work in 2D or in 3D with Bubbles™

  • Capture changes and decisions directly in the project using design bubbles
  • Leave comments, notes, and changes directly on objects for the whole team to see
  • Share with your clients to get their impressions and decisions in real-time 3D
  • Create instant POV walkthroughs of your layouts

Communicate in Real-Time 3D

Build your scene

  • Upload a floor plan, scan a room, or start from scratch
  • Instant 3D wall extrusion builds your scene automatically
  • Edit, adjust, and generate new floor plans directly in Bubbles™

Add objects, leave notes, make selections

  • Add furniture, decorations, cabinets, and anything else your project needs
  • Add images, notes, and prices to your virtual sticky notes

Chat, share, and hand-off

  • Chat with your team directly in Bubbles™
  • Add members of your team or clients to join you in the project
  • Chat, edit, design – together
  • Send a copy to whoever needs one


Most frequent questions and answers


When a potential client accepts your invite, they download the free version of Bubbles™  where they can see and interact with your project. 


You own and manage the “template” of a project. When a client accepts an invite, they get a “copy” of that project they can fully interact with. Think of it like a “copy” they can freely mess around with.

As a marketing tool, we want you to have data to help you target potential clients faster based on their engagement in your 3D layouts.

Clients that never open the invite to clients that interact obsessively. 


Bubbles™  is on PC, MAC, iOS and Android. See specs in the store details. 

Regardless the device, all communication features are cross platform enabled! 

Bubbles™ Pro

Best for small teams
  • Supported devices
  • iPad & iPhone
  • Android
  • Mac & PC
  • Features
  • Digital sticky notes (bubbles)
  • 2D to 3D AI
  • Room scanning (AR + LiDAR)
  • The Design Board
  • POV scene walkthrough
  • Floor plan generator
  • Real-time 3D editor
  • Measurement tools
  • Room divisions + annotations
  • Chat
  • Model + scene export
  • Project invites
  • Seat management & roles
$ 99 Monthly

+ Lead Gen commission for property management and design firms that continue with Bubbles

Bubbles™ Enterprise

Best for teams with 5+ users
  • Supported devices
  • iPad & iPhone
  • Android
  • Mac & PC
  • Features
  • Everything in Bubbles™ Pro, plus:
  • Onboarding training
  • Multi-License support
  • Lead generation commission
  • The best option for teams with 5+ users
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