3D space design and project management,
all in one tool. Stacked with features.

Real space to 3D. In seconds.

Bubbles™ gives you options for bringing your space digital.

Floor plan AI

Automatically make a scene from a 2D floor plan

Scan your space

LiDAR "Room Scan"

Scan your space

AR "Room Mapping"

Build from scratch

Start with a blank canvas

Edit your scene in our real-time 3D editor.

Move walls, add windows and doors, decorate, make decisions, and collaborate to make the best version of your space.

Edit your scene

Walls, windows, and doors


Simplified 3D models

Make decisions

Virtual sticky notes

Share your decisions

The Design Board

Get precise.

Use our measurement tools to get specific with every aspect of your scene. Perfectionists, rejoice.

Scaling your scene


Adjusting wall height

Wall Height

Measure between objects


Multiple Views.

Map out rooms automatically. Generate new floor plans based on your changes. Make precise edits in 2D mode.

Map your rooms

Room Planning

Burn-in your changes

Floor Plan Generator

the birds-eye view

2D Mode

Walk your scene

POV Walkthrough

Collaborate with the whole team.

Chat in real-time with everyone in the project. Invite and manage your team.




Project Invites


Seat Management

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