Plan the perfect remodel

Use a floor plan or phone scan your space…get a fully editable 3D scene.

One tool. From start to finish.

Step one

Scan a space

Step two

Add, edit, create

Step three

Virtual sticky notes

Step four


Speed is everything

Save time by ideating in your own 3D scene!

With Bubbles™ built-in measurement tools, quotes and bids can happen virtually. 

Decisions made easy

Save time by eliminating the constant back-and-forth between you and your client. Add selections, budgets, prices, and notes to your scene in real-time 3D.
Chat directly with anyone in the project, without leaving the project.
Make decisions quicker.

Scene to render. As fast as it gets.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! Bubbles™ is free for your clients to use, and you can share projects with them to view, chat, and leave notes on.

Practically any device can run Bubbles™. We officially support Windows PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad, and Android. 

We provide one of the most affordable and quickest rendering service in the industry. Because your scene is already built-out, and all of your decisions have been made, rendering takes practically no time at all – and costs a lot less than the other guys!

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