School campus digital twins ready for first responders

The first 3D solution that provides life saving information.

Create and manage a real-time 3D digital twin of your campus.

Our self servicing software puts you in control and helps you provide accurate layouts,  space usages and building details like never before.

Protecting our communities

Your digital-twin

  • Generated from existing floor plans
  • Fully editable: Add furniture, new layouts, updated improvements not on the original floor plan
  • Annotate rooms and updated usages

Manage roles and Invites

  • Invite and set access roles
  • Give or remove access to first responders or 3rd parties, (suppliers, vendors, services providers, etc.)

Beyond 3D

  • Create and build safety plans, POV walkthroughs
  • Identify fire extinguishers, electrical closets, HVAC, water hookup or shut offs
  • Share campus map plans, off limits and on-site user access

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